I just returned from a week in Florida, thinking that the warm sun and a change of view would do me good and loosen up my writing process. To my surprise, the exact opposite happened. I found myself floundering for words, making lists and outlines but not getting any real work done. And then, the Broward County mass school shooting. This was the closest proximity I have ever been to one of these horrific events, and the local coverage was even more intensive than the national. I found myself benumbed by the news of the dead and injured, outraged that this keeps happening and the federal govt does nothing. This blog isn’t about politics, but this situation affects all Americans.  And human beings.


We’ve squandered our right to bear arms. The Founding Fathers never dreamt of a weapons that can fire 200 rounds *per minute*. Stop rationalizing this insanity. #gun control #school shootings #blog

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