D.R. McElroy is the pen name of writer/author Debra McElroy. She is a writer-for-hire specializing in a number of areas (see Areas of Interest page), who secretly dreams of writing a bestselling novel.

While working towards a program in veterinary medicine, Ms McElroy discovered two truths:

  • She was way too soft-hearted to be an effective veterinarian
  • She was an excellent writer who loved English Composition

She finally graduated after 5 years of trying to find a program that dove-tailed with all the coursework she’d completed, settling on Horticulture in the Botany Department.


  • Bachelor of Science: Horticulture (Montana State University)
  • Master of Science: Natural Resources Management (Arizona State University)


  • Master Gardener


Ms McElroy is open to prospects, and regularly writes blog posts, articles, and essays on a variety of topics. See Contact page for info.