As of 9/22/19 at 3am, I have officially submitted my proposal for my fourth book to all of the agents that requested it at the 2019 Writer’s Digest Conference last month in NYC. I can’t believe it’s done! Though I had fully written the proposal BEFORE the conference (before Pitchslam, more importantly), after speaking with the agents, I needed a substantial rewrite.

What I had conceived as an ADULT stand-alone nonfiction book morphed into a five-volume MG/YA series! I actually think the series was a better idea, so I was happy to do the rewrite.

But, it took me the better part of a month to do it–including getting all-new photographs AND writing two completely new sample chapters.

Still: WORTH IT! I know it’s premature to start thinking about hearing from them (I just sent it YESTERDAY), but I’m already thinking: What if someone accepts it? I should be more realistic; the odds of having a five-volume series accepted by the first agent it lands with are…well, they’re higher than I can count.

But isn’t this why some of us write? For the chance to dream about making it BIG? For these very moments when we can sit back for a little while and bask in the notion of being a big-name author with a “major deal” from a prominent publisher?

Though I’ve had three books accepted for traditional publication, I’ve never had an agent. Somehow, it seems to me like having one gives me a sense of stability–like I’m not just hanging out in the freelance lane (nothing against freelancing; in fact, I’m still doing it and have no plans to quit any time soon). Does this make any sense or am I just babbling?

Anyway, congratulations to all of the #amwriting and #writingcommunity folk who have submitted (or will soon) work that piqued the interest of agents from #WDC19. And good luck to us all.

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