I’ve just returned from #WDC19 in NYC, and what an experience it was. First, thanks to the organizers, sponsors, presenters, and agents–and everyone else involved in the production of this event.

My first national writer’s conference did not disappoint! As a writer of nonfiction, I sometimes feel overlooked at conventions, which often seem to concentrate their offerings on fiction topics and–recently–self publishing. Not so at #WDC19! My days were filled with proposal classes, meeting other writers, and honing the pitch.

Ah, the pitch. I was signed up for the first session of the day, intending to head-off my nerves as well as hit the agents while they were fresh. Apparently, everybody ELSE thought the same thing! The line for the first session stretched the length of the hallway and out of site around the corner.

Line for the first agent pitching session.

I was able to pitch 6 agents and got requests for the full proposal from 3 and the proposal and ms from a fourth. That fourth was my dream agent, the first person I pitched. She bowled me over with her enthusiasm for the project, and I’m ecstatic to be able to send her my work.

The price of attendance, however, was beyond fiscal: I contracted a nasty cold, which manifested itself the day I flew home. As I write this, a box of Kleenex and a package of Cold-EEze sit nearby. Still, totally worth it for the conference experience.

More later. For now, I must take myself off to rest. Thank you @writersdigestmagazine for a great experience.

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