“The thing that sets any writer who is earning an income apart from all the other writers is work.” by Shaunta Grimes https://link.medium.com/DjGFvjjKqT

This little statement from writer Shaunta Grimes is really the cornerstone of How to Have a Writing Career. No one is going to beat down your door and beg you to write for them. YOU have got to do the work to produce a good product, then get someone to pay you for it, then do it again and again. Sorry, there’s no magic wand or fairy godmother. Writing isn’t glamorous, or something you can just do when you feel like it. If that’s what you’re doing then you’re a journaler; writers with careers are writing every day (or nearly every day). We’re on deadline. We’re publishing our work–hopefully for pay but not always. If you want a writing career then you must WRITE.

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